The group began in 1998 with SKIBrasil. The founder and CEO of TTWGroup, Eduardo Gaz, in order to bring Brazilians closer to the world of skiing, decided to create customized trips to ski destinations based on his own experience. Since then, more and more people continue to fall in love with the sport and embark on unique experiences at ski resorts around the world.

Confident that the company was on the right track, it expanded its operations a decade later and started curating exclusive, on demand itineraries around the world. Selections is then established as a specialist in tailor-made itineraries specially crafted for each client.

In 2012, TTWGroup became a holding company, controlling ownership interest within SKIBrasil and Selections – a necessary move as the group began expanding its global reach.

Established in Miami in 2016 and supported by SKIBrasil’s expertise in the ski industry, SKIUSA became the group’s first company located abroad. It serves the United States, Mexico and Latin America, as a wholesaler. In 2020, the group will establish Selections Trips in Miami to serve direct clients exclusively. In 2019, SKIUSA further expands its distribution to Russia and Europe.